Learn concurrency on Apple platforms
using the new async/await system.

WWDC2021. Apple introduced a new concurrency system for Swift that can be used on all their platforms. The async/await system. Buy the book and start learning about the new concurrency system on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS right away!
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What Will You Get From This Book?

The book covers all the basics and primitives of the new concurrency system. You will go from beginner to proficient by the time you are done reading this book.

Learn async/await

The book will teach you how to use the basic building blocks of the new Swift concurrency system, from basic usage to advanced techniques.

Understand traditional concurrency and its common pitfalls.

In order to understand the power of the async/await concurrency system in Swift, the book begins talking about traditional concurrency mechanisms and their common pitfalls.

Discover an intuitive and easy to use concurrency system

The async/await concurrency system in Swift abstracts a lot of the details you need to keep in mind when working concurrency, making it harder to make mistakes.

Learn with sample projects

Many of the chapters include sample projects and sample code you can use to improve your learning.

Learn how to use Swift's async/await in older Platform versions

The new concurrency system is fully available on iOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8, and tvOS 16. You will learn techniques to make async/await available in platform versions as low as iOS 13, macOS 11, and more.

Expose closure-based and delegate-based calls as Swift async/await calls.

You will learn how to expose async/await variants of certain closure-based and delegate-based calls in Swift, helping you create consistent and easier to use APIs.

Who This Book Is For

Concurrency is something all developers will eventually need to learn and use.

Semi-senior Apple Platform Developers

For semi-senior developers, learning concurrency with the Swift's new async/await system will be a rewarding experience.

Senior Apple Platform Developers

For those senior developers who have used other concurency technologies such as the Grand Central Dispatch, this is a great new tool to add to their toolbelts.

Team Leads

Developers who lead iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS teams can benefit from reading the book to define an implementation path for this new technology.

Developers Migrating from other Technologies to Apple Platforms

If you are an experienced developer learning about Swift development for Apple technologies, you can use this book to help you carry over your existing concurrency knowledge.
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About The Author

Andrés "Andy" Ibañez is currently a Senior Software Developer at Blue Trail Software, a software development company based in California. Andy has been writing code since 2007. While he didn't start out his career on Apple Platforms, he started his iOS developer journey in 2011. Since then, he has helped clients in his hometown of La Paz, Bolivia, develop their mobile applications and have successful businesses.

Andy has held the title of Software Architect for Banco Nacional de Bolivia, one of Bolivia's biggest and oldest banks. He oversaw the development of their mobile application for both iOS and Android, making key decisions about the future of the app and leading the future of it until 2021. By then, the app had millions of users across both versions of the app.